Top 10 U.S. Counties With The Most Millionaires

by : Real Estate Advisor

America has more number of millionaire households than there were a few years ago, according to TNS Global, one of the world's largest market information companies. As of mid 2006, the total number of millionaire households has increased to a record high of 9.3 million. This is an increase of 5 % from the previous year and it is of note that the number of millionaire households in the U.S. has gone up for the fourth consecutive year.

The TNS annual Affluent Market Research Program (AMRP) revealed that the total net worth of millionaires, excluding the value of their primary residence was $2,167,167 with investable assets of $1,442,841. The median age for the head of America's millionaire household is 58 of which 45 % are retired.

TNS Financial Services, a division of TNS, has ranked the country's top 10 counties that have the highest number of people who earn $1 million or more in salary. The AMRP study is derived from a representative national sample of over 1,600 households with a net worth of $500,000 or more, not including the primary residence.

The top 10 counties with the highest number of millionaire residents are:

1. Los Angeles County, California: With 268,136 millionaire households, Los Angeles County has the largest number of millionaires among the counties in the U.S. The County has 23 % of California's millionaire households and 3 % of those in the country.

2. Cook County, Illinois: Cook County, which includes Chicago, has 171,118 millionaire households forming 40 % of such households in Illinois and 2 % in the nation.

3. Orange County, California: Orange County consists of 10 % of California's millionaire households with 116,157 millionaire households. It forms 1 % of the nation's millionaire households.

4. Maricopa County, Arizona: With 113,414 households, Maricopa County has the 4th largest number of millionaire households in USA. This makes 62 % of Arizona's total millionaire households and 1 % of the nation's.

5. San Diego County, California: The fifth county in the U.S. and the 3rd in the State with the most number of millionaire households, San Diego has 102,138 millionaire households that make up 9 % of such households in California. It also accounts for 1 % of the total millionaire households in the country.

6. Harris County, Texas: With 99,504 millionaire households, Harris County accounts for 16 % of those in Texas. Harris County forms 1 % of America's total millionaire households.

7. Nassau County, New York: This New York County has 79,704 millionaire households forming 13 % of the total households in the state. Nassau County accounts for 1 % of the nation's millionaire households.

8. Santa Clara County, California: The third county in California to have the highest number of millionaire households. Santa Clara County has 74,824 millionaire households and consists of 6 % of the state's and 1 % of the nation's millionaire households.

9. Palm Beach County, Florida: With 71,221 millionaire households, Palm Beach County consists of 11 % of Florida's total millionaire households and 1 % of such households in the nation.

10. King County, Oregon: At tenth position, King County has 68,390 millionaire households forming 33 % of such households in Washington and 1 % in U.S.A.