Getting the Most From your Listing Agent

by : Scott Baxter

The real estate market in any city is a busy place. Of course you want the best service possible from your agent, but how can you be sure you are getting it? One way is to ask your agent about their plans for your home. In this article we will focus on the duties of a listing agent in regards to selling a home. Listing agents differ greatly from buyer's agents in that their chief area of concern is the sale of a home and not the purchase of another property. The roles of the different kinds of agents has evolved drastically over the past years and the need has presented itself for specialized agents.

The role of your listing agent begins when you engage their services to sell your home. Typically, their first task is to evaluate your home and help you decide on an asking price that is both attractive to you and competitive in the local market. This will be based on comparable homes that have sold in your area recently, that are currently listed in your area and any added extras that your home features. Keep in mind that your home must be competitively priced for your area or the sale may not be a quick one.

The next task of the listing agent is the marketing of your home. Without proper marketing your home will not be viewed by buyers and if your home is not viewed by as many buyers as possible; well, you know the rest. Marketing is a multi-tiered project that utilizes many different forms of media to spread the world about your home. The most prevalent form of marketing in this day and age has definitely become the agent's website and the MLS listing. Most homes are now being viewed on the internet long before they are viewed in person. The internet has become the most important aspect of a home sales campaign. The internet presence should then be followed up by advertising in the community and surrounding areas. Open houses are a good way to introduce buyers to the more intimate aspects of your home that cannot be seen online.

With the marketing plan firmly underway the listing agent then begins the process of organizing the showings of the home, and the paperwork associated with any offers that are made. If an acceptable offer is received then the agent deals with the paperwork that is part and parcel of the closing process. It's time consuming and complicated but, that's why sellers hire a listing agent in the first place.