Property in Poland Beats the Rest

by : Emerging Poland

11th June 2007- London

Property investment experts Emerging Places have stated that they believe Poland is the best emerging property market in the world to invest in. They have even launched a new company Emerging Poland to provide investment opportunities across Poland and help investors capitalise on the rapidly growing Polish property market.

In Poznan, located in the west of Poland property prices grew by an average of 11.3% in the month of April alone. Most of this demand was fuelled by local Polish people seizing the opportunity to get on the property ladder. As in the UK there is a shortage of property in Poland, especially new build apartments. As the Polish population are becoming wealthier, they have higher standards and are looking to move out of older communist blocks into new apartments.

There is a growing middle class in Poland with much of the countries work force moving to the cities in search of work and better prospects. Investment in Poland is very strong and unemployment is falling, there are good employment prospects for young people in the cities. This is leading to a greater demand for housing and good quality housing is what is sought after.

Director of Emerging Poland Patrick Martin comments 'In Poznan we are seeing new apartments coming on to the market and being sold straight away. Most of this demand is from local people. The market is very exciting and there is still a lot of potential amongst Poland's smaller cities for prices to rise from a lower starting point compared with more established markets such as Warsaw and Krakow.'

Emerging Poland has new developments for sale across Poland and also offers a consultancy service for investors. They produce reports on each development that they sell explaining the reasons why they think it is a good investment.

'I can't emphasise enough how exciting the market is at the moment, and that now is most certainly the time to invest' says Patrick Martin.

Cities such as Poznan, Gdansk, Wroclaw, Warsaw and Lodz are investment hotspots at the moment. But smaller cities that are less well known such as Olsztyn also have a huge amount of potential for property investors. These cities often have large student populations and so buying to let to students can often be lucrative.

With Poznan only a 1 hour 45 minute flight away from London and cheap flights available from many other cities in the UK it is an easy country to visit.

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