Windows and Floors Impact your Home

by : Albert Bor

If you ask a home buyer what is important in a new home there will be a fairly standard set of answers. However, there are also a number of things that are still very important that many home buyers will forget to put on a list. Things like windows and floors. Whether or not they realize it, home buyers will be influenced by the visual properties that they are presented with upon entering a home. If the windows and floors are old and tired, then the overall impact of the home can be significantly reduced. Upgrading these things may not make anyone's "top 10" list, but the impact of them will definitely improve the overall allure of the home.

Many older homes have the original windows still in them. Now, they may serve their purpose just fine but as we have all seen the extremes of temperature are increasing and summers are hotter, and winters are colder. Current windows are much more energy efficient than ones from years past and the visual assets of new windows are undeniable. In addition, older windows can come loose over years of use. This is what creates the "rattling windows" sound whenever there is high wind. Replacing old windows will not only save money in the long run but it increases a home's value and appeal to buyers.

Floors are a huge player in a home's desirability. As one of the largest surfaces in the home, the floors are the base of any design concept in the home and let's face it; the color of the walls, furniture, fixtures and art all has to be in coordination with the floor. Hardwood has always been the main attraction in terms of flooring. Hardwood has a warmth and visual value that nothing else has really been able to achieve, although some high-end laminates have come close. Another surface that has been gaining popularity is slate and stone floors. This kind of flooring is great for kitchens and bathrooms due to their high durability and resistance to water damage. It's not too hard to make your floor one of the most attractive selling features of the house.