Enjoy All That St. Augustine Waterfront has to Offer

by : Andrew H

The St. Augustine waterfront is composed of hundreds of miles of land bordering the Atlantic Ocean as well as rivers and lakes. If being near the water is your dream and you want to be able to enjoy all that the St. Augustine waterfront has to offer, it is time for you to look into properties in the area.

Thanks to Cranewoods Development, you will be able to find the right property - property that suits your personality and lifestyle and gives you access to the St. Augustine waterfront.

One style of property available that will allow you to enjoy the area is the townhouse design of the Coastal Villas at the Abacos at Salt Run in St. Augustine. In each unit, you will find masonry construction, balconies and state of the art interior design in a home reminiscent of those in the West Indies. You will find similar construction and elegance in the Penthouse Flats at the Coastal Villas.

Another style of property at The Abacos at Salt Run is the Island Cottage. The Island Cottages allow you to enjoy the St. Augustine waterfront with views from your kitchen and great room. In addition, you will be able to relax in a luxurious setting - taking advantage of modern styling, state of the art appliances and home wiring and private balconies.

These three styles within The Abacos at Salt Run - the Coastal Villas, Penthouse Flats and Island Cottages all make great year round homes. However, for all of the same reasons, each also is appealing to out of town home buyers - those buyers who are investing in a second home, a place to relax and vacation seasonally or at various times throughout the year.

Whether you purchase a home at The Abacos at Salt Run as your year-round residence or you invest in the property to provide you with a place where you can go to get away from it all, you will still have access to the wide variety of activities that the St. Augustine waterfront - as well as the rest of the city - has to offer.

Your family will be able to enjoy a round of mini golf at Bayfront Golf. You'll be able to spend time at the beach, feeling the sand beneath your feet and swimming in the ocean.

Or you will be able to do more to explore the St. Augustine waterfront. Rent a boat or jet ski and explore the waterfront from on the water. Become certified for SCUBA and explore the St. Augustine waterfront from underneath the sea. Choose parasailing or a helicopter tour and explore the coastline from the air.

With access to all of these adventures, with all of these ways to explore the St. Augustine waterfront, it's not hard to determine why so many people hope to call St. Augustine home - or, at least, their home away from home. By choosing a property at The Abacos at Salt Run, you'll be able to experience this feeling for yourself.

Invest in a great property at The Abacos at Salt Run, and enjoy all that St. Augustine and the St. Augustine waterfront have to offer.