Being on Side With the Other Side

by : Austin Lansing

The process of buying and selling real estate can be greatly simplified by ensuring that you are "On Side" with the other side, so to speak. So what is meant by that statement? Well, let's look at it from both sides and explore a bit further.

Sellers - Being On Side with buyers it crucially important when trying to sell your home quickly and for the best profit possible. In attempting to do this it becomes necessary to consider what buyers want in a home. Ask yourself: "What would I want in a home, and what is my current home lacking?" Most buyers are are similar in the fact that they are looking for a good, clean home in a good location. How can we define a good, clean home? Simple. Buyers should arrive to the home and find it in the same condition that it is in in your MLS listing. There should be no clutter, garbage or piles of laundry. There should be no unpleasant odors or pet smells. The home should be suitably de-personalized so that the viewers have an easy time imagining their things and their families in the home. The yard should be tidy and well kept and all appliances and fixtures should be in good working order. It would also benefit the sale to have some community information on hand. Info on schools, businesses, transit etc is a good idea. Try to think of the kind of questions that a prospective buyer will ask the showing realtor and prepare the home to answer those queries.

Buyers - To be "On Side" with sellers you will have to think about what they are looking for. All sellers are looking for the same thing: a quick and profitable closing with as little stress as possible. To this end the best thing that you can do as a buyer is to have all your financial preparations complete and your mortgage funding in place before looking at or making an offer on a home. If sellers see a subject on an offer that states "upon approval of funding" that could set off klaxons. Sure, you may be willing to make an offer, but what if the funding isn't approved? Or you aren't approved for enough? It is possible that they could miss out on other valid offers while waiting for you to get your finances in order. Sellers will gravitate towards buyers who have the necessary finance's in place.

If you really want to make the buying or selling process easier then consider what the other side is going through. Likely you have been in their place at one point and should be able to sympathize.