Bright and Airy Homes Sell Better

by : Justin Lee

Home selling, while time consuming can be intensely rewarding when the final offer finally comes in. There is nothing like the feeling of selling your home for an amount that males you happy and makes you some money. However in achieving this goal you may want to make a few changes to your home so that it shows better when listed, Homes that have dark and morose colors do not show too well as the dreary feeling of the dark paint is not really conducive to a selling environment. Buyers like to feel welcomed and warm when they arrive at a home and a gloomy atmosphere is the worst thing they can arrive to.

In keeping a home bright and airy it does not mean that you have to fore go those darker colors that you like so much, simply that for the home to sell right you may want to save those darker colors for your new home and put something warm on the walls before the show. Also, in preparing for the showing, make sure to take down and art that might not be to the taste of the masses. It is likely that there could be people of all ages viewing your home from children to seniors and it's a safe bet that they will not all share your taste in decorations or art. Anything questionable or risky should go. This is especially true if you have teenage kids as they have a tendency to put loud posters and clippings on the walls.

Keeping the home airy is another good practice for selling. during the summer it is nice to have the windows open to catch a gentle breeze. Also having the rooms well lit will help to create a more open feeling. Homes that feel stuffy and congested always take longer to sell than homes that are open and airy.

Humans as a species do not like to feel "hemmed in" and dark colors and too much furniture can easily create that feeling. Especially in a smaller home. If it is necessary to remove some furniture prior to the show then do not hesitate to do so. The more open the home the better it will show.