The short Sale is it for You?

by : Terry Burchett

When it comes to investing in real estate, there are so many ways to make money. In fact, lots of money. The key is simply to be as creative as you can and you WILL make money. Usually, it is the innovator of a new idea that will be able to cash in before anybody else has the chance. Then they will make tons of money and sell programs to teach others to do the same thing later on.

The technique that is used and in fact needed quite a bit is the 'Short Sale.' The idea of the short sale is simple. If there is not enough equity in a property such as a foreclosure, for example. What is needed, is for you to negotiate with the bank where the deed is being held and see if they will take a lesser amount than what the actual owed amount of the mortgage is.

Ok, I know you are already asking yourself, 'Why would they do that?' Well , I will tell you. In this day where it is easier to buy a house and there are many programs which facilitate this both Government and Bank there are many properties that cannot be afforded with a conventional loan where both interest and principle is paid. It is too much to handle. So, what is becoming increasingly popular is the 'interest only' loan. This is a loan where instead of paying into your mortgage, you only have to pay and keep the interest paid on the loan each month. This helps people afford much bigger houses with much less money. The only problem with this is that if your mortgage is $200,000 dollars and you do interest only, after a year in ownership, you still owe $200,000 nothing has come off of the price of the loan. Hopefully your house has gained equity and now it is worth $250,000. Not very likely, but it does happen.

These cases are the reason for the short sale. The bank would rather sell to you at a discount the property and take a small loss, then have to hold it and not be able to sell it for many months and take a huge loss. This is where we the investor can cash in. So just because you see a property that looks like nothing can be done, does not mean that is the case. Submit your offer to the bank and see what they say. They may surprise you. The only thing you have to lose is nothing and you can gain the property at your price to make money with. So get out there and get your goals met and remember this. The only thing stopping you is YOU!