Improving your Homes Chance of Selling

by : Karen Hoeve

Every home seller wants their home to have the best possible chance of selling quickly and without any hitches or problems. In order to do this one must look at common mistakes that are made by home sellers when preparing their home for sale. The reality of this industry is that for a home to sell quickly it must be in pristine condition and properly priced for it's area. Too many homes are listed at prices that are not comparable to other homes in their area and have not had the benefit of a proper staging or cleaning. It is too much to think that a home will sell simply because it is listed and there is a good amount of action in the area.

The pricing/staging combination is essential when selling a home. Without proper preparation most sellers will see their homes sit on the market for quite some time with little to no action. Let's start by examining why pricing is so important. When buyers start looking in a certain area they are looking there for a few major reasons. Major amenities, proximity to schools and work and the fact that the pricing of that area suits their financial situation. If you notice, in any given area there is an average price that sellers are asking for their homes. There will be some fluctuation depending on the home concerned but for the most part, the prices will be within a certain range. This is what buyers will expect to see. A home that is priced outside of this range will have to be something quite special to pique the interest of buyers and it will have to continue to impress during showing to spur them to pay a higher price than the neighborhood norm.

Staging comes into play in assuring that your home stands out from the other homes that it is competing with. Reducing clutter and mess is the key here. The process of getting rid of excess furniture and belongings to create the perfect showing environment can be tricky but the time and effort is very much worth it. The way we live in homes is typically not the best way to show a home. There are too many daily use items that can easily get in the way of the home's ability to show properly. Shooting for a minimalist look will take the focus off your furniture and belongings and put it squarely where it belongs, on the home.