Use Real Estate Locations For Multiple Domain Names

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Did you know that more than one domain name can be used to reference your website? For example, you can have your visitors use either or to get to There are several methods to accomplish this.

First, you must have your website set up with your primary domain that you use for your visitors and for correspondence (email).

Secondary domains can then be set up to point to your site using URL forwarding (also called domain forwarding, domain redirect, or a URL redirect). You can set up these features when you log in to your domain registrar account (if your registrar offers these services).

Usually the end user will see the URL of the destination (primary) domain. Here are the technical options for a pointer account:

1. Point the secondary domain at the top level (home page) of another web site: This option works well in situations where visitors should see the same content no matter which URL they type in.

Under this option, anyone typing in the secondary domain, would end up on the web site for the primary domain, The address that would show in the address bar of the user's web browser would be the primary domain

2. Point the secondary domain at a sub-folder of another web site: This option works well when visitors visiting the two domains should see different content. This option is recommended for short-term or promotional events, such as advertising a new product.

Under this option, anyone typing in would end up at an address like In this way, visitors arriving directly to the primary domain would see different content than those connecting via the secondary domain.

Secondary domains are particularly useful for situations where people type your primary domain name incorrectly or you use offline marketing, such a postcards, with specific domain names. For example, you may send postcards to City A and City B. Each city would get a card with a unique domain name listed (ex. " and But due to URL forwarding, both domains can end up bringing the customer to the same place.

The setup of secondary domains varies from registrar to registrar.