Selling Your House For The Maximum Value

by : Adrian Adams

D-day is finally here. Your potential buyers are due to come over and inspect your home later today. Make good use of your morning and put the final touches to make your house look even more appealing. Remember your buyers are looking for a house they can call their own. So go ahead and make your home an inviting place to be in.

Again, first impressions count. Give your potential buyers an impressive first impression and everything else will fall in place. Fill your home with the delicious aroma of baked cookies by actually baking a batch of cookies just before your clients arrive. Nobody, but nobody can resist this reminds-me-of-home aroma. Fresh flowers, strategically placed add color and joy to any room.

Keep all your windows and curtains open to give the house a bright airy look. If it's a late winters evening, switch on all your lights and keep the fireplace going, so your house looks and feels warm and cozy.

Once again- Clear the clutter! You'll be amazed at how much has accumulated since the last time you undertook this exercise. Put away shoes that clutter your doorway. Pickup up strewn clothes and socks and throw those in the laundry basket or better still, hide them in the car for the day. Whatever you do, just do not throw all the picked-up stuff into your closet or any cupboards. Remember the client will most likely want see the interior of all the cupboards and wardrobes.

Spray the carpets, drapes and furniture with an odor-removing spray to erase all traces of cigarette smell and pet-odor. Hang fresh, clean towels in the bathrooms and kitchen. Make sure the bathrooms are spotlessly clean and inviting. Placing a few bric-a-brac in each bathroom gives it a more personal touch.

Now that you've got the house ready, sit back, relax and wait for the door-bell to ring announcing the arrival of your buyers.