Compact Online Seminars Into One E-Book

by : Paul Barrs

Marketing a new E-book is one of the many challenging tasks that we face as Online Entrepreneurs.

Articles are great. But surely there must be an easier way.

How about E-books. You've heard of them, chances are you've even read a few.

But then lies another challenge.

Reading through your computer screen. It's tiring. Hard on the eyes. No where near as comfortable as curling up with a good paperback on the lounge with a cuppa.

So what's the solution?

Easy. Online Audio!!

This article will show you how to power your Online marketing efforts 1000% in the next 30 days.

It will give you access to 10 info-packed online marketing seminars, and show you just how EASY this marketing thing really can be.

And it won't tire out your eyes at all!

Hello and welcome to the Online Seminar Series, "Web Site Magic!"

You have a web site don't you? Or, maybe you're thinking of setting one up.

It could even be the case that you are already running a web site, and have been bitterly disappointed by the amount of traffic that you are receiving, or the number of subscribers to your E-zine, or perhaps, your affiliate sales are so low that you are beginning to winder what's the point of it all.

If you fit into any of these categories, then this series of tutorials is just for you.

Web Site Magic! Will show you how to build your web site from the ground up.

Firstly, we'll show you how to find free web hosts and free web templates that you can use to either start or enhance you own site. And then, we'll move through the many different areas of web site presentation, how to display your offer so that people actually read it, how to lay out your page so that your visitors are drawn into it and guided towards your offer or your ezine.

You'll also find out how to market your site, suing all of the most successful marketing techniques available today. We'll cover search engines, ezines, Autoresponders and more.

Here is an outline of this powerful Seminar Series:

Part One: In the Beginning - Free Web Hosts and Free Web Templates.

Part Two: Establishing Credibility - The Correct way to build your site so that your visitors are compelled to read and buy.

Part Three: Ezines - The Secrets of the Masters. Hows to bring your visitors back time and time again.

Part Four: Link Partners - How to blow your traffic sky-high.

Part Five: Search Engines - How to submit, when to submit and how often for maximum results.

Part Six: Success Tools - What the Master uses to earn a 6-figure income.

Part Seven: Inside your site - How to do a professional web site analysis.

Part Eight: Free Advertising - How to use free adds for maximum exposure.

Part Nine: Sales Sales Sales - The art of creating Affiliate Programs

Part Ten: Sell Yourself - How to move your site expectations beyond the limits of this Universe!

As you can see, this series will be very comprehensive. This article is a once in a lifetime opportunity to receive this information for free.

Others have paid up to $300 PER SEMINAR in the Off-line business world.

You will learn, absolutely FREE "Essential Business Strategies for Creating Profits Online"

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