No Money Down Real Estate Investing: Fabulous Or Fraud?

by : Joel Teo

We have all seen the advertisements on television or the Internet. A person says that you can buy a house with poor credit and no money down. A lot of these ads are trying to sell you a system that they claim will work and even give you money at the closing. There is an old saying that says if it seems too good to be true then it probably is. So are these real estate investment programs that offer no money down and bad credit okay loans legitimate, or are they the latest scam?

Most of these programs want money for their books and tapes. They claim that if you follow the easy instructions then you can become rich in no time by doing almost nothing. The truth is that these companies are making money off of you for giving you information that is already available at no cost. One of the ways to invest in real estate with no money down is to find a partner who is willing to supply the capital. The partnership can be an even split, a twenty eighty split, or any other breakdown that is agreed upon. Flipping the real estate property is another way to invest in real estate with no money down. If you find a potential buyer that is interested in purchasing a house before you find a potential property for sale, you will not require any of your own money.

A lease option is another great way to make money investing in real estate without having to have good credit or money down. You and the owner sign an agreement that you have the option to purchase the real estate at a fixed price for a certain length of time. Then you find a buyer who will purchase the property for a specific amount, which is obviously more than the seller is asking, and then you make the difference in the prices for doing a very small amount of work. Subprime financing is one more way to invest in real estate for no money down. Many of the national lenders routinely provide financing for 70% of the home value without verifying the down payment and with poor credit. There are legitimate and successful ways to invest in real estate with no money down, but be cautious that you are acting in a legal way and that there is no fraud involved. If there is misrepresentation at any level, from the amount down to the condition of the real estate property, then it could be fraudulent and illegal.

It is legal and possible to purchase or invest in real estate with no money down, but you should be cautious when doing so. Make sure that there is no fraud involved. This may happen when the value of the home is wrongly appraised or assessed to give more value to the real estate for the transaction. Finding real estate investment property with no money down can be fabulous if it is done ethically and properly. It only becomes fraud when the property value is inflated to make it appear to be worth more than it really is for a mortgage or loan, or when false information is submitted to get the loan approved..

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