Tips to Help your Home Sell Faster

by : Jake Marsh

If you take a look around online to try to find tips that will help your home sell faster, you should not have to look very hard. The question is how to separate the facts from the opinions. Well, the simple answer is to take the advice of the professionals that have the experience and talent when it comes to home sales. The longer answer is to try think about what you read in terms of common sense. home sales can be a complicated thing when you get down to all the paperwork, title searches and negotiations but at the root, selling a home is simply about marketing a product. True this is a fairly BIG product but it is sales all the same and consumers want the best value for their dollar and they want to be happy with what they have purchased. Buyer's remorse is much different when you are talking about $200,000 or more.

The first thing that needs to be mentioned has pretty much been beaten to death in articles but I list it here because it is completely true. A home needs to be clean to sell. Not just everyday clean, show home clean. Think about it this way, you would not buy a dirty shirt or a dirty car. Why? Because it implies that the previous owner does not take care of it and that it is in bad condition. Home buyers think like this. If the home is dirty then what other things have been left unfixed or in poor condition? Maybe nothing, but is that a risk you afford to take?

Pricing is another big issue for some buyers and sellers alike. Sellers have the tendency to want the highest dollar for their homes and rightfully so, but in that one must remember that your home's value and the value YOU place on the home are different. Proper pricing is dependent on the local market, and what homes in your area are currently selling for. Home values do not depend on fond memories or the emotional worth that you have for the property. Buyers will typically not care that your children grew up there or that your father built the home himself. They care about what the home can offer them if they choose to buy it. Buyers will look at the value of your home in respect to what else is on the market in your area and if the home is overpriced, you better believe that their realtor will tell them that.

The final word on home sales would have to be curb appeal. This is another term that is always mentioned in the same breath as home sales and has a huge effect on the presentation of a property. Curb appeal is simply how good your home and property look from the street. First impressions are huge in this industry and it can be very difficult to market a home that does not impress at first sight. The last thing that any seller wants is to see prospective buyers drive up and then after looking at the home, drive away. Just like any other product that is for sale, the packaging must catch a buyer's attention and catch it for the right reasons.