Common Things Sellers Overlook

by : Robert Nachman

In a typical real estate sale there are quite a few things that a sellers needs to think about and remember to do. At many shows the seller is anxiously rushing about trying to make sure that everything is taken care of before the buyers and their agent arrive. Unfortunately last minute is never the right time to finish everything up and it is easy to overlook small things that may make a difference to the buyers. Certain aspects of our home never seem to concern us as they are simply a part of the way we live our lives day in and day out. In selling a home, we have to go outside our daily lives and pay special attention to those things that we seem to miss when preparing for a home show. Let's have a look at a few of these things.

One thing that we hardly ever notice about out homes is the particular way it smells. Far from it, we simply don't think about it unless there is a particularly strong smell in the air that day. However, you do notice smells when you enter someone else's home right? I am not talking about an overpowering stink, far from it; simply the smell that our homes possess. Each family will have a smell that is simply "them." In getting a home ready for sale one should try to make the home smell as neutral as possible. This means refraining from cooking strong smelling food and perhaps doing something with the beloved family pet.

Another big mistake is assuming that the buyers will not notice a dirty carpet or dust. Every aspect of the home is now on display and open for critique. Any areas that are left untended will add to the buyer's list of things that they can use to bring your asking price down. In an ideal situation the buyer would not be able to find anything that could justify a lower offer and so to achieve this, you must think like a buyer. Spend time with your realtor before a show happens and ask them what they would point out to a client who was interested in your home if they were not representing you.