Enhancing Curb Appeal

by : Alan Olson

In my last article I took a look at the basic principles regarding curb appeal and the impact that it has on any home sale no matter where it is. In this article we are going to explore some more detailed ideas about curb appeal and what you as a seller can do to grab a hold of this vital home selling tactic. Curb appeal is not something that happens overnight, it will take a while and a good amount of effort to bring your home's true appeal to bear. This is assuming that until this point your yard and home have been well taken care of. If the home has been allowed to slip and the yard has gone un-tended then this may be a slightly more difficult prospect than originally thought.

The lawn is always a good place to start in any yard. As the largest single entity aside from the home itself, the lawn has a lot of say in the overall appearance of the home and property. Make sure that the lawn is cut cleanly and trimmed to perfection, if the grass has gotten a bit yellow then spend some time watering an fertilizing to bring out the green. The driveway is another good area to focus on. As the entranceway to the property the driveway will form part of the overall first impression of the home. Cracked and weedy driveways never look appealing and should be taken care of before the home gets listed. If the drive is cracked then simply resurfacing will not straighten these problems out. Re-paving a driveway can be quite costly so make sure you assess the the cost against the projected asking price before moving ahead with such a major fix.

Gardens also play an important role in the creation of proper curb appeal. A freshly tended and organized arrangement of flowers and bushes add an artistic note and color to a home. Gardens with weeds and untamed bushes again speak of a level of disinterest in the condition of the property so thorough maintenance on a regular basis is always a good idea. Finally we come to the home itself. New paint is always a big bonus for buyers but be careful in your color selection. You may want to simply offer buyers a paint credit or concession so they can select their own colors but that does not do too much for your curb appeal. Try to pick colors that accentuate the home and also blend well with the other homes in the neighborhood, Remember, the first impression that buyers have of your home is extremely important so don't skimp on upgrading the visual impact of your home.