Pets in Real Estate

by : Amos Grham

The basic 'model' by-laws state in print, that residents may only have pets with the absolute permission of the owner, body corporate, or executive committee; it also states that permission cannot be unreasonably withheld.

So, just what does this mean when you are searching for an apartment? Well simply this. Look for apartments online which specifically state that dogs and cats are welcome.

No, I am not being flippant because there are sites, which offer these comforts. If you log on to and join free, you can search the online listings, which cover Australia-wide and have thousands of online selections once you have logged in.

There are many reasons why one can state some animals may not be welcome in flats. Firstly, large, dangerous dogs are often very noisy and protective; consequently, every noise they hear will bring them to attention and start a frenzy of barking day or night. Secondly, un-neutered male cats are very protective of their territory and mark with the most pungent and 'impossible to get rid of odour' of such concentration, that even registered catteries will not take them. In respect of these examples, you cannot blame the owner of the apartment. Unfortunately, offensive owners usually have offensive pets and are selfish, so rejection is not unreasonable.

The simple truth is, that most countries in Europe are pet friendly as are the hotels and chalets and public transport. The USA is pet friendly as well; in fact, I lived at the Plaza with two bulldogs and three Persian cats for over six months and we were ALL looked after very well indeed.