Living Green

by : Branden Schroeder

Today, more than ever before, we as residents of this planet have the responsibility to safeguard the earth so that there will be one left for our children. If this move does not start in the home then it may never gather the momentum that it needs. There are a number of eco-friendly technologies and developments designed specifically for homes and it's time that we investigated some of them and what they bring to the table.

Perhaps the best known innovations, or at least the most commonly see, are things like low-flow toilets, solar heating and energy efficient appliances. These developments have come a long way in past years and were some of the original "green home" products. They helped to form the basis of what would become a revolution in home building and in the way we think about the construction of a home. One of the newest ways of thinking about "green homes" is the idea of thinking about a home as a system unto itself. That is that in altering or changing one aspect of a home it is impossible not to affect other parts of the system. This systems is comprised of five, sometimes 6 distinct systems if there is a fireplace(s).

There are some really exciting things happening in the world of "green Homes." People are discovering new ways to drastically reduce their monthly energy bills on an ongoing basis. This is all part of a move by home owners and real estate professionals to show that there is an alternative to our reliance on forms of energy that are both detrimental to our environment and non-renewable. Eventually we will all have to consider these new ways of supplying power to our homes as we are leaving a trail of devastation in our wake in a ecological sense. What kind of planet are we leaving behind for the next generations? One that is devoid of clean water and organic foods? One that is getting hotter every summer and colder every winter? One that is so polluted that we cannot ever hope to clean the air that we breathe? It's not an attractive prospect and it will be our children that have to deal with the results.