Dated Home? Stage to Upgrade

by : Ryan Sellers

The home market is a funny place to try and gauge correctly on an ongoing basis. With an abundance of construction happening in this country from coast to coast, older homes are having more trouble competing with newer homes. Funny thing is that a 15 year old home can now be considered as an older home. Homes built more than 15 years ago not only have a certain style to them that is definitive of that period in home building, but chances are they still have all the original fixtures and appliances as most of these things will not have worn out to the point of replacement yet. Essentially; by now the home will have become somewhat dated and will need a few improvements to compete with the new construction homes that are occupying a huge percentage of the current market.

Most of these older homes will not need to much done to show well. They are still fairly new all things considered and usually with a few cosmetic touches and some proper staging these homes can look like new again. Keeping the fixtures and appliances current is a big part of this. We are all in love with technology and the conveniences that it offers, also new appliances are more energy efficient than ever and new appliances save the owner money in the long run. Updating appliances and fixtures also keeps the two most commonly renovated and upgraded rooms: the kitchen and the bathroom, up to date.

Another good thing to think about is the fact that after 10-15 years of use, sometimes the floors are in need of some love. New laminate can drastically improve the look of just about any room and new tile and or linoleum in high traffic areas is always a nice attractive upgrade. Hopefully all that is necessary with one of these homes is a few cosmetic fixes, a coat of paint, nothing too drastic. Of course, if major repairs are needed then get those done before the cosmetic concerns. A home is no good if it looks good, but falls apart or nothing works properly. The idea is to create a complete package that is attractive, current, and in good working order. Then you will have a package that buyers will enjoy.