Finding the Right RealtorĀ®

by : Cj deHeer

In today's high-speed and high-stakes world or real estate, finding the right Realtor® can be a tricky prospect. There are any number of agents out there who will make claims that they can sell your home faster than any other. What it comes down to is the fact that you as a seller need an agent that will serve your distinct needs, as well as sell your home in a timely manner. Some agents may not be right for some sellers, its a matter of professionalism. An agent's ability to assess a seller's needs and then to devise a comprehensive sales plan that is tailor made to the unique aspects of a home is critical. It is this ability that sets a Realtor® apart from the masses and enables them to devise a plan that will not only suit your needss but help your home to sell quickly.

There are some definite things that any seller should be asking of any prospective sales agent before entrusting them with the selling of their home. One of the first good indications of an agent's ability and dedication is the speed with which they return your initial call. As a seller you will no doubt, want any inquiries about your home handled with all alacrity. In real estate, a few hours can make a huge difference. Next, once you meet a prospective agent ask them about their sales record. Feel free to ask for references. Nothing speaks louder for an agent's reputation than the testimonials of satisfied customers. Also, don't be afraid to actually call to check the references they supply. Find out what the customer liked and disliked about the service they received.

Following the initial meeting, ask the realtor what their sales plan for your home would include. Find out about their marketing resources and how they plan to advertise your home. This is one of the most important aspects of the entire process as advertising and marketing equal coverage and exposure for your home. Without a defined and professional marketing plan, the whole sale process is really hit and miss. Traditional marketing methods can only do so much in today's high-tech world and it is essential that your agent maintains a prominent web presence. This gives your home visibility online and that is indeed where most buyers are looking first.