Catching the Buyers Eye

by : Christian Jacobsen

With so many homes on the real estate market today it has become essential for sellers to "enhance" their home offerings. Simply put their home must excel in comparison to the other homes on the market. Homes should be memorable and it should feel welcoming, and warm. Homes that at first appear cold and detached are difficult to get buyers to feel warm & confident about the home. The best thing for making a place feel warmer is natural light so it is in your best interests to get those windows open and blinds up. Dark and gloomy houses really aren't that popular and can quite easily put buyers on edge.

Aromas play another huge role in a buyer's enjoyment of a home. Home that smell unpleasant are show stoppers and not for the right reason. Smell is one of our strongest senses and we are definitely sense guided creatures. It is so easy for us to be turned off by a certain smell. The most usual of these is definitely pet odor. Pets can each impart their own unique smell onto a home and if these are not completely gone by the day of the show, buyers will notice it. The use of candles and incense can be a good way to rid the home of unwanted smells. Be careful not to overdo it! With this concern extremely powerful smelling foods can also be a drawback so be mindful of what you cook.

With the intangibles taken care of you are now left to polish the appearance of the home. This is the time for the rampant home cleaning and anal-retentive attention to detail. Essentially you are trying to create an atmosphere that buyers will want to visit over and over until they choose to buy the home. If their initial reaction to the home is a positive one then there should be little trouble getting them back for subsequent shows. And the numbers show that people look at homes 2 to 3 times before making an offer, so getting people to come back is a necessity. Make sure your home is as appealing to viewers as possible and the showing of your home should be much less stressful.