The Importance of Yards

by : Christian Jacobsen

How often have you driven through your town looking at homes and thinking: "Wow. That's a great home, but what's up with the yard?" This is something that is pretty common. It takes time and effort to keep a yard in tip-top condition and it can be hard to find that time with life being as busy and exhausting as it is. The appearance of the yard becomes all the more important when considering selling a home as the yard is the basis of the buyer's first impression and if the yard is not attractive buyers may not look past that fact to the home. As humans we are visual creatures. Sight is our basic sense when it comes to determining something that we find appealing. It can be hard for us to get past an initial negative reaction. At the very least an unattractive yard will be a reason for a buyer to negotiate a lower price.

When thinking about bringing you yard into line before listing there are a few steps that one should take to make sure everything gets taken care of. dividing the yard up into sections is usually the easiest way to ensure that everything gets the appropriate attention. The best way to get going is to get the big projects out of the way first. If there is junk or refuse in the yard, get rid of that first. Then once the yard is free of waste then the real detail work can begin. Mow and trim the lawn and if there are yellow spots or areas that are "questionable" then try a good fertilizer and watering to bring the lawn's color back. With the lawn looked after you can then move on to the more decorative aspects of the yard, mainly the gardens. Try to coordinate the colors of the garden with the other colors that are present in the yard like the home's paint color. Make sure that all weeds are removed from the garden before planting any new flowers. Once the weeding is complete find a good way of keeping the weeds out. This can be done in a variety of ways such as a protective under layer or a mulch on top. Ensuring that this step is taken care of will make maintenance of the garden much easier and will help it to look it's best at all times. In addition to the gardens, the driveway has a huge impact on how the home looks from the street. A driveway with cracks and weeds growing in them will never look as clean and organized as a driveway that has been freshly surfaced and swept. Remember that the first thing people will see is the driveway and they must walk up it to see the home so make the entrance to your home as clean as possible. It will help to impress buyers and realtors alike.