Inspection Issues: New Homes

by : John Mejia

There are all kinds of different things that need to be inspected upon the purchase of a home, new or otherwise. Some thing that simply because their home is newly constructed that an inspection is unnecessary and this is hardly the case. New homes require an inspection just as much as any older home and they have a special set of considerations that need to be looked at. Home inspectors are part of the buying and selling process for the protection of the buyer and it is the buyer that is responsible for arranging their own inspection. If sellers are hesitant to have their home inspected or try to convince you to skip the inspection then you could have a serious concern on your hands. What are they trying to hide? Never buy a home without having a full inspection performed.

Home inspectors are trained to find this that could be huge issues to the home buyer. Typically they are concerned with the vital systems that are essential to the proper operation of the home. Systems like plumbing pipes and fixtures, the electrical system , septic system if there is one are all checked for wear & tear and quality. Also the foundation will be examined for cracks and stress fractures. This kind of imperfection in the home's structure can be quite dangerous and expensive to repair. However if left unattended to it can cause huge problems later on in the home's life.

Mold is another issue altogether and most home inspectors are not correctly educated in the identification and dealing with the various kinds of mold that are found in homes. In fact, the best method of finding out about mold in the home is to hire a professional mold specialist. These professionals are trained in the identification of various forms of mold and can better inform you on what kinds of mold are harmful to your health as well as the correct ways to remove mold so that it does not take hold in your home again. Always be sure to have any home that you are considering purchasing inspected. It is the only way to ensure that your investment is a wise one and that your family is safe and protected.