Making your Property Salable

by : Keith Lutz

Your yard is the first thing a potential buyer sees when they are viewing your home. It may also be a major selling feature. For this reason it is important to keep it in good shape.

If you're like most people, after a few years of living in a place, you collect things. If your homes for sale, it may be a good time to sell off those unfinished project vehicles, or the boat you havn't used in years. If you still use these things often, perhaps consider putting them in storage while your home is for sale. If this isn't an option, just be sure they are parked in an unobstructive place, and that the surrounding area is tidy, with no parts strewn about.

It is imperative that you clean up any garbage that has collected in your yard. It happens to the best of us, especially if we have kids or pets. But garbage is one of the most unsightly things that you cna have in a yard. This includes pruning remains and raked leaves, unless they are carefully stacked in a composting area in the yard, proferabley in a discreet corner.

If you do have kids, chances are you have toys in your yard. You might want to consider boxing these up and puting them in storage too. If this is imposible, make sure the toys are kept to a minimum, and put away in one area when not in use. Same goes for pet toys. As long as a viewer can walk through you yard without risking tripping on things, and can see all the areas of your yard clearly, that should be enough.

Assure that your landscaping is tidy. Weed any garden beds. You may even want to plant some low-maintenance fool-proof flowers, but only if you already have existing flower beds that are neglected. Don't start any new projects, just beautify what already exists. If you have hedges, prune them neatly. Keep the lawn mowed and watered so it looks green and appealing. Use a weed-trimming took to mow around the edges, so the walkways and driveway are tidy too. You may even want to pressure wash these, if moss or dirt has accumulated.

Leaving a yard that will need a lot of work right away may well turn a buyer off, whereas spending a couple of hours tidying up will make a wonderful first impression.