A Check on Vertical Growth

by : Propertiesmls

Concerned over the unbridled growth of apartments following the entry of the private players in the housing sector, the town and country planning department has framed comprehensive regulations to discourage new structures along the main highways and on steep hill slopes.

As per the regulations for the development of apartments approved by the Cabinet last week, new apartments will be allowed only on hills having up to 30? slope to ensure stability. Further, apartments will have to be developed in the shape of complexes on plots having a minimum area of 1,000 sq m with a length to width ratio of 3:1 and not on ribbon development pattern, along the highways and main roads.

The actual area under apartments will not exceed 30 to 35 per cent and a minimum of 15 to 25 per cent will have to kept apart for plantation and landscaping and another 10 to 15 per cent for parks and open spaces. Besides 5 to 10 per cent area will be for public utilities, 2 to 5 per cent for commercial purposes and 20 to 30 per cent for traffic.

Under the commercial use, one shop per 150 persons shall have to be provided. These will include service shops like vegetable, shoe repair, dry cleaning, tailor, barber and general merchandise. The purpose of these shops will have to be clearly be mentioned in the plan and should be accordingly allotted after completion. Provision of toilets and urinals, one each for ladies and gents, will have to be made.
A maximum of six storeys, including parking floor, will be allowed with maximum permissible FAR (floor area ratio) of 1.75. However, the maximum FAR with respect to apartments will not exceed 1.50. The rest 0.25 FAR will be meant for public- semi-public and commercial purposes in view of the requirements of locality as well as surrounding areas.

The floor height of apartments could vary from 2.70 m to 3.50 m but the overall height of the building will not exceed 20 m. A parking space 18.00 sqm (one vehicle) will have to be provided for 100 sqm floor area. The maximum height of parking floor will be 3 m, including the depth of beam below the ceiling of the slab.
In case of buildings exceeding a height of 15.00, no objection certificate from the director of fire services and for more than 4 storeys and one parking floor installation of lift will be mandatory, while up to 4 storeys and 1 parking floor will be optional. The developer has to make provision of powers back up for the lift and general lighting within and outside the building at his own cost.

No construction will be allowable within a radius of 5 m from the circumference of an existing tree. The builder will have to ensure plantation of trees at least equal to the anticipated population of the area. Distance from highest flood level along rivers will be 25 m, khads 10 m and nullahs 5 m. As far as possible, local heritage imperatives will have to be incorporated.

The minimum access for an area of apartments with a population of more than 1,000 persons will not be less than 9 m (including walkways) and for colonies having a maximum population of 1,000 persons, the minimum access will be 7.50 m. Width and length of means of internal access for colonies of more than 1,000 persons will be 7.5 m up to 250 m length, 9 m up to 400 m, 12 m up to 1,000 m and 18 m for 1,000 m and above. Walkways of more than 1.20 m width will have to be provided on both sides of the main internal roads having a width of 9 m or more.

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