Build Downlines, Make Money.

by : Anna-Marie Stewart Venton

You know the scenario: You join some program, work your butt off to promote it, to get signups, and you feel like you`re hitting a brick wall. After a few months, you give up, and try something else, or give up completely.

Know what`s missing? Active, helpful sponsors/uplines. Have you ever tried mailing your upline, only to get NO response? It`s a horrible feeling. Makes you think "Why should I bother trying to help this guy make some money??"

Been in this situation? Or maybe you`re guilty of being this type of sponsor? Either way, you need to read this:

I try to actively help anybody who signs up under me, no matter what. I always have done, and in 4 years of marketing, I still have mostly the same loyal people following me into any program I show them.

Doesn`t matter if the program turns out to be a flop, or the best thing on earth. Those people are with me all the way, and they are fantastic!

I try to promote their pages/programs, pass on signups to them etc. and at the risk of sounding big-headed: They love me for it! This is why, even if a program flops, they follow me on to the next one, because they KNOW I`ll help as much as I can.

Mail your upline if you need help with anything, let them know you`re struggling. Ask for what you want. Believe me, it works wonders, and people aren`t mind readers.

If you don`t ASK for help, most will assume that you`re doing just fine. If you don`t get any support from your sponsor, go higher, even as high as the program owner if you have to.

I am pseudo-blonde with techie stuff, asked a friend to help with building my ezine (he`s a programmer) and VOILA! website all built. So I am living proof: It DOES help to ask.

Do NOT be a "dead" sponsor. Keep in touch with your signups regularly. Offer your help in any way you can, offer to exchange hints, tips and info with them.

Search the net for some good e-books that may be helpful to them, and pass them on. Free ones are best for this purpose. (Just make sure you read the books yourself first, so you know they`re not rubbish)

Got some software you use, that you find helpful? Pass it on to those below you. Anything that you`ve ever found helpful, pass on. Just remember to never, ever, ever spam your downlines with other stuff.

Send a mail maybe twice per month, offering your help. Make sure you give them multiple ways of contacting you, email, msn, yahoo messenger just to name a few, and ALWAYS make time for them.

If somebody asks you a question you can`t answer, you know what to do, right? Ask YOUR upline, don`t allow them to be slackers. After all, they want YOU to help THEM make some money too, so ask them to help you if you need it!

Bottom line: Never be afraid to ask for, or offer to, help. Works for me, and most of the people in my downlines now practice the same. Now get out there and help each other, it WILL pay off :)

Anna-Marie Stewart Venton


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