How To Buy The Perfect House?

by : P.O. Pharm

Buying a house is very important decision of the life. House means the happiness and warmth place of every member in the family. Before decision, you have to set the goal and plan every step by circumspectness. These steps are usefully for decision to buy your perfect house.

Step 1: Set the house target

You have to review your family satisfactions. What you and your members need. Such as, how many rooms inside the house? What is the house style? Or where is your new house? Write all in your notebook!

Step 2: Estimate how much house you can afford.

Talk to the suppliers about the price of interesting houses, promotion or special offers. Survey your finance options. Talk to the bank and your partner about the budget. Keep the number in your mild.

Step 3: The detail of the house.

Follow to the budget in your mild. List the details of the house such as the size of your rooms, the style of the garden, the materials for the floor, the enter decoration, the color outside and inside, doors and windows styles, roof color, or the special things you want for your house.

Step 4: Search for the house target

You have to plan where you can reach your target house. This step you have to concentrate and take time for review, which house match to your plan. Talk to the architect and suppliers where the house is, what are different to your plan? And could the plan adapt to your need?

Step 5: Look at the real house.

Go to the house that you select before decision. Look around and review all details. Ask any questions if you doubt. Don't forget to see the neighborhood and the distance to your office or your child's schools.

Step 6: Deal the price with supplier.

If everything about the house is OK. Deal the price with the supplier and talking about payment. How much money you have to pay at the first time? Read the contract carefully before sign.