Surplus Merchandise, the Direct Under Wholesale Source

by : DR B James Bruno

The Austin Business Journal reported about a firm that "buys and resells merchandise that has been closed out, overstocked or discontinued…to a wide range of retail outlets, from mom-and-pop shops to multinational chains such as Wal-Mart..".

Businesses everywhere struggle with changing buying habits, business costs and government regulations.

Fads in clothing, toys, electronics, computers, furniture styles and eating habits change. Consequently, new unsold merchandise takes up warehouse space and ties up capitol.

Surplus liquidators buy inventories of unwanted, obsolete or excess merchandise, often as low at .10 on the dollar, providing a cash injection for the seller. This merchandise is then resold at prices substantially below wholesale. One way to source surplus merchandise is to search the Directory of U.S. Importers and Exporters, available in many public libraries.

Purchased in small quantities these products can be retailed or sold at auctions for substantial profit. And for the savvy surplus finder a substantial payday can result.

Dr. B James C Bruno

All Rights Reserved 2003