New Site for Military Families and Real Estate Professionals

by : A.Mathpal, a newcomer to the real estate market; has already created a niche for itself. It targets military family and provides them with suitable off-base homes. This can be a boon to servicemen or women; a place where they can call home and a place where their family would be safe. was created to help the seller sell their house, capitalizing on the Armed Forces niche. The ads will have a steady traffic flow from this site and related directories (such as and ). The ad would be entered into numerous RSS directories, which would redirect thousands of potential buyers to your real ad on

After entering property ad, along with a ten photos, description and other property information; the machine behind would fill in the other details. It provides a glimpse of the home and the neighborhood, by capitalizing on the satellite-view on Google Maps. Also, nearby schools and their performance levels would also be shown along side your house, which makes a house more attractive to families. provides features that can be used offline or on other real estate sites. It will create a colorful, eye-catching flyer, which the seller can post on forums or on other classified sites using HTML code provided by Realty-Flyer. If you want to email your flyer, Realty-Flyer will preserve it in its original format (without changing the colors or the content). Also, this flyer can be used to distribute hard copies to potential clients.

For buyers, this site provides a wealth of information. The houses are spread throughout the country, close to military bases. Just enter in the state and installation you are based at or relocating to and the list of nearby homes including real estate professionals, serving in that area, will be provided.

This site provides a Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH) calculator, the only real estate site that provides this service. Also, the site has business directory filled with real estate professionals, who are eager to help you. These directories range from real-estates agents to mortgage lenders to insurance to legal help.

The United States Armed Forces boasts an active duty of 1.4 million and about 500,000 relocate every year. With 500,000 potential clients, real estate companies should try to find ways to get some of the action. provides this opportunity. Businesses can harness the power of the marketing machine. The site gives you the ability to email potential clients, a powerful tool in this day and age. As soon as you register, you will be added to the directories; which will generate more clients.

For more information and to start buying/selling/renting homes or advertising your business near military installations, go to