Increase your Homes Value: Add an Outdoor Room

by : Doug Jones

While some interior designers like to bring the outdoors in, more people are beginning to bring the indoors out. Outdoor living spaces are the hottest trend in home decor these days, and there appears to be no end in sight. Designers are coming out with stylish and practical materials that are meant for the great outdoors, and offer homeowners a great deal of options when it comes to creating chic outdoor spaces.

The main benefit of adding an outdoor room is that you are able to extend your living area without having to do expensive and time-consuming home renovations. More room for the family to spread out in, a romantic nook to pass the time in, a quiet space to read, or a vibrant place to entertain friends; an outdoor room can do it all.

One question to ask yourself when planning your outdoor room is what kind of roofing or shading structure you would like. If your home is hit with a lot of sun in the summertime, you and your guests will find it uncomfortable to sit outside for any period of time. By installing a retractable awning, you can adjust the shade with the weather. Another viable roofing option is to build a shade trellis. This is a wooden structure that has slats going across from end to end. While these structures do not offer protection from the wind and rain, they do offer some shade. It also provides the option of adding grape vines or other climbing plants like wisteria. This will create a bit more shade, as well as enhance the attractiveness of the space.

If you would like more protection from the elements, consider building a solid roof. Be sure to have a few openings at the edge in order to allow for air circulation and to prevent the area below from becoming too hot.

Enclosed rooms that are surrounded by screens is another alternative. These rooms allow you to enjoy the outdoors for almost the entire year by protecting you from bugs and the elements.

Once you have decided what kind of structure you want, you need to plan the decor. Be sure to think of your outdoor room as an extension of your home. Choose colors and textures that blend well with other rooms. Keep colors simple, and be sure to display a variety of plants. Allow nature to be the focal point of the room, with only a few decorative additions such as fountains and wind chimes to accent the area.

Buy weather resistant materials that will stand up to the elements, but be sure that the furniture is comfortable as well. There is not much point in having an outdoor room filled with functional furniture that nobody wants to sit in.

Really make this a livable space. Comfortable chairs, side tables, and attractive lighting offer a space suitable for both solitude and entertaining.

Have sufficient lighting in your outdoor room. Use string lights, lanterns, or candlelight, depending on the ambiance you want to create.

Consider investing in some sort of outdoor heating device to make this area comfortable year round. A fireplace can provide a warm and cozy atmosphere, but can be expensive and difficult to move. Patio heaters are a much more practical option, as they are affordable and take up much less space.

Creating an outdoor room for unwinding and entertaining is very hot right now. And because you are adding extra square footage to your home with minimal effort and expense, you will reap the rewards when it comes time to sell your house.