Win a Business Start-up

by : Bruce Scher

Celebrate the 40th consecutive National Small Business Week, September 8-12, and enter the "Win a Business Start-up" Sweepstakes.

Now's your chance to join the 26 million small business owners, in the U. S. that employ more than half the country's work force, and create three of every four new jobs.

New research from the Small Business Association, shows that 67% of new ventures are successful after four years. Disproving the widely held belief that 90% of start-ups fail in the first year.

The sweepstakes is offering one grand prize worth $1000.00 in products and services which consists of: 13,500 internet banners, $350.00 pay per click search engine credit, Full-Time Money Part-Time Hours - ebook, and 30 days of personal support with small a business advisor.

The sweepstakes is free to enter and only one entry per person is allowed. The official rules and entry form are available at:

Don't let the talk of a slowing economy discourage you from going ahead with your home business start-up. Forrester Research reports online web sales will reach $95 billion at the end of 2003, up from $76 billion in 2002, that’s a 25% increase.

Think of your new business as a work in progress, and by the time you get it up and running, the economy will be up and running, too.