Tips on Decorating Your Home for Fall

by : Drew Hartanov

So you've decided your home needs a decorating boost for fall; one of the simplest and most dramatic ways to accomplish this is to bring the season, indoors. Nature has brought us so many gifts at this time of year, and nothing shouts "fall", like red apples, gourds or bright orange pumpkins.

Here are a few points to keep in mind when using nature in your decor:

Make certain that the plants you choose are fully ripe and dry. Leaves can be dried out by placing in a shallow container and pouring hot sand over top. You could leave them as is, or finish them by dipping them in a clear varnish.

Mature, undamaged gourds and pumpkins should be able to withstand an autumn season of indoor display.

Fall Leaves & Vines: Using artificial strands of leaves, wind them around railings, chandeliers or large bottles.

Gourds & Mini Pumpkins: These colorful fall favorites are full of character with their interesting shapes, colors and patterns. The small ones look great when displayed in a basket or placed on top of a candlestick with a bit of moss. Try filling an urn or clear glass vase with gourds and placing it on top of a buffet or dining room table. Need a doorstop? Simply prop up a large squash or gourd against your door.

Large Pumpkins: You can't go wrong with pumpkins. Why not try digging out the center and use as a vase for a bunch of mums; it makes a dramatic display on the front porch to welcome your guests.

Window Boxes: Remove those dead, summer annuals and line the boxes with moss, adding small gourds and hedge apples.

Reuse & Recycle: Take that old pottery vase, stick in a bundle of twigs or dried flowers and display it someplace new.

Fruits & Veggies: These make beautiful natural accents, whether they are real or fake. Make an arrangement using a clear bowl, vase or stoneware dish; using avocados, apples, pomegranates or artichokes.

Baskets: Trying finding the most natural looking baskets for your displays, such as birch or grapevine. Overflow them with flowers, gourds and hedge apples.

Welcome the season by displaying small accent pieces here and there, or choose a couple of large focal points, such as an entry table or mantle. Let your fall decorating ideas become a tradition; you'll have fun adding to them, year after year.