Staging Is The First Step To Selling

by : Bruce Swedal

Whether home owners live in Denver, Colorado or somewhere in California, the often ask themselves one simple question. Should I be concerned with keeping up with the upgrades my neighbors are making to their home?

To get the answer ask yourself, when it comes time to sell do you want to sell fast and get top dollar? If the answer is yes, then the first answer is also a resounding yes! Actually, you should do better than just keep up and look to pass them by.

Home many homes in your neighborhood, or on your street are for sale and how do they compare to yours? Is yours better, or does theirs have more to offer? Are they equal? If your home is not clearly the better choice it is time to get it the clear choice.

With the amount of homes for sale out numbering the amount of home buyers, your home needs to be clearly the better choice and priced competitively with the competition. You should be worried about the Joneses next door and making sure they don't out-do you.

Your home needs to appeal to all the senses of potential home buyers. Proper staging will help it to stand out from the crowd and get it sold.

Staging does not just mean minor repairs, remodeling or getting rid of the clutter. It means making your home appeal to visitors, feel inviting and comfortable. Proper staging can help achieve good results.

Staging itself may cost you several hundred to several thousand dollars depending on many factors. It is a short term investment in the sale of your home which can help it sell faster and for top dollar. Staging is vital to selling your home.

The techniques for staging your home vary. Many times it is a simple process that only takes a couple days. Remove unnecessary items that clutter your home to create space and create an open feel. Move furniture or replace it to create themes that are welcoming to prospective home buyers. Open blinds, add brighter light bulbs, paint, clean the carpet, prune bushes and play soft music for showings.

Staging needs to be evaluated on an individual basis, but is critical in selling your home in a shorter time for top dollar.

You don't want to just keep up with the neighbors; you want your home to shine in comparison.