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by : Adam Morien

From Luxury Home Magazine - For Those Who Live Well

The Luxury Resource Guide is a proud feature of, brought to you by Luxury Home Magazine, publisher of luxury real estate magazines across the United States. The luxury resource guide provides profiles and links to upscale goods and services, and is tailored for affluent consumers. The luxury resource guide lists businesses that have luxury products for sale, or luxury goods to showcase, or luxury services to provide. The current categories included are luxury homes, luxury real estate specialists, luxury home builders, luxury home communities, luxury resorts, luxury rentals, luxury home products, luxury home services, luxury automobiles, luxury watercraft, luxury boats, luxury bikes and ATV's, financial services, professional services, personal services, food and wine, luxury travel, luxury events, golf and sports, and luxury apparel and jewelry.

Within each category the resource guide offers a list of businesses that cater a portion or all of their business to the affluent consumer. The luxury resource guide details the who/what/when/where and why, again specific to their luxury offerings. Each luxury market has its own guide, specific to that region. For example, the Sacramento Luxury Resource guide lists the local Porsche dealers, fine jewelers, and Sacramento based cigar merchants. Sacramento's finest restaurants and wineries are also listed in the resource guide, great for visitors to Sacramento looking for an upscale evening on the town or day trip. From the needed cleaners of upscale tapestry, to the unique offerings of an artisan who specializes in carving custom stone tablets, the guide has it all. Suggestions from the affluent readers of Luxury Home Magazine, keep the guide up to date and comprehensive.

The luxury resource guide is truly made for 'those who live well.'

The Luxury Resource Guide can be found for the following markets:

Ã?â‚?? Portland Oregon and Southwest Washington
Ã?â‚?? Sacramento
Ã?â‚?? Hawaii
Ã?â‚?? Las Vegas
Ã?â‚?? Phoenix and Scottsdale
Ã?â‚?? Sarasota and Manatee county
Ã?â‚?? Fort Myers
Ã?â‚?? Naples, Bonita, and Marco
Ã?â‚?? Lake Tahoe and Truckee Reno
Ã?â‚?? Tampa Bay
Ã?â‚?? Seattle
Ã?â‚?? Dallas and Fort Worth
Ã?â‚?? Denver and Boulder
Ã?â‚?? Washington DC