Material Handling Cranes

by : Camille Howe

In order to ensure that operators are able to carry out their day to day tasks without the need for constant assistance from other staff, providing appropriate lifting equipment for anyone who needs to be able to lift material of heavy objects in order to get access to them and move them around is necessary. Material handling cranes that are designed to be mounted above a working area to lift objects onto and off workbenches are considered to be vital equipment.

There are various different designs of material handling crane available to carry out different functions. The different models can be mounted in different ways, and can be either fixed or completely portable. Wall mounted and floor mounted material handling cranes fulfill different purposes, and work in slightly different ways, and ensuring that you invest in the right equipment for your workplace can provide huge long term cost benefits in terms of improved productivity.

The most popular style of material handling crane from the point of view of making it a simple matter to load material onto a workbench is a portable gantry crane. These stable units are designed to be wide enough to straddle a workbench and raise the object being lifted high enough to be placed comfortably onto the bench without damaging it. These cranes are designed to be able to lift weights up to 2000 pounds, and feature a wide chassis with hardwearing casters to make moving it around easy. Depending on the exact specification of the crane, the top bar of the crane can be up to 90 inches above the ground, ensuring that even the largest object can be comfortably put into the right place.

The much larger and more powerful steel gantry crane is able to lift much heavier weights up to 8,000 pounds and coming complete with 4 heavy weight and fully adjustable casters, the steel gantry crane is intended to be used in a heavy industrial environment to allow operators to enjoy much easier access to materials throughout the workplace.

An alternative to the portable gantry for lifting heavy objects is the cantilever jib. Rather than being designed around a concept that straddles the work bench, the cantilever jib is a materials handling crane has a single post that is weighted for stability. The crane offers benefits in terms of the flexibility with which objects can be moved from one place to another, and also allows for rotation of materials, allowing for a greater degree of manipulation.

All of the materials handling cranes are built to the highest standards using top quality steel or aluminum, and come complete. They are powder coated in order to ensure a longer life, and thanks to the simple operating methods of the lifting gear, staff will be able to begin to use the equipment almost immediately.

Regardless of the exact system that you opt to install in your workplace, you will find that the material handling cranes are both efficient and hardwearing and will serve you well in the long term. Purchasing one of these fine lifting systems should be seen as an investment in, rather than a cost to, your business.