Polaris World - Take your Best Shot

by : Brittney Jackeline

Spain has easily become one of the most sought after tourist destinations in the global map, thanks to a flurry of popular recreational elements like beaches, hills, restaurants, bars and even golf courses scattered all over the country. While beaches and restaurants have forever existed across various regions of the exotic nation of Spain, golf courses have steadily made themselves to the limelight in recent times. Owing to a substantial rise in the real estate industry due to the tourist influx, a new wave of resorts dedicated to golf courses have been placed at the pedestal.

Polaris World golf resorts pack up all the ingredients to offer the ultimate recreation for golf lovers across the world. As an ode to the holidaying spirit of golf lovers, a whooping range of 153 golf holes under nine course have been made to make it the largest 'Nicklaus Golf Trail' outside the United States. Now, nothing can be sweeter for someone who loves to tee off than to mix up his passion along with his vacation.

Polaris World runs rampant through several regions in Spain, which have reaped rich rewards at the behest of a collection of lush golf courses designed by Jack Nicklaus. Some of the most popular Spanish properties under this category are Polaris World Beach Club, Condado de Alhama Resort, Golf Suites de Alhama, Mar Menor Golf Resort and La Isla del Condado. Besides the golf courses, these resorts are also blessed with other amenities close by like beaches, restaurants, bars, airports and shopping places.

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