12 Quick Tips On Selling Your House

by : T. O Donnell

You're going to sell your home. You could go at it bald-headed, or think for a bit. Imagine you were a potential buyer; what would be foremost in your mind?

Here are some simple and inexpensive ways to get the best price possible:

1 - Determine the fair market value for your house.

The best way to sell your home is by having the right price. Buyers will be looking for a deal. You might be looking to make some money but don't over-price your home. Doing so will ensure you don't sell it right away. A home that sits on the market too long is unappealing. This makes people afraid to buy it.

2 - The front of the house is where the first impression starts.

If you want to sell your home, make the front look perfect. Start with the outside. Lawns should be well mown and landscaped. There should be nothing to distract the eye from its best features. Tidy, clean, uniform and pretty should be your watchwords. The first look will sway buyers towards or away from your home.

3 - Remove your personal items.

Most lived-in homes have pictures and items of sentimental value. Remove them when the home is being shown. Buyers don't want to be attached to your memories. They will want to see the quality of the walls, not your pictures of your family or your knick-knacks.

4 - Clear out clutter.

Every home has clutter. If you're showing your home, do your best to remove yours. Remove anything you don't need. Pre-pack and place the packed items in storage. Then buyers can have a better look into their potential property.

5 - Keep colours neutral.

Spruce up a home before sale by painting it. Paint your home in neutral colours. People will shy away from a home with highly coloured walls. They may not like your colour choices. Buyers do not want to paint the minute they move in. Most look for colours they can live with or mould around their decorations.

6 - Keep your kitchens and bathrooms in good shape.

Homebuyers pay special attention to these two rooms. They must be spotless. Keep the rooms well lit. If you have newer appliances and plan to leave them, have buyers check them out. They will be more interested in these special incentives.

7 - Never apologise for your home.

Your home is what it is. You should not apologise for that. By apologising, you give the buyer a reason to consider another home. If you are not proud of your home why would they want to be? If your home has problems, then offer solutions. Never apologise for what is yours.

8 - Work with your agent, not against them.

Help your real estate agent to sell your home. Give them the information they need and step back. Don't go behind their back and try to sell your home. All showings should go through the agent. They have the experience to get the job done. If they didn't you would not have hired them.

9 - Only show by appointment.

If you want to see serious buyers you should have them screened. Many sellers only allow showings to pre-qualified buyers. Your agent can set this up. They will weed out the dilettantes. If a buyer shows up without an appointment, give them your agent's card. Have them set one up.

10 - Sell before you need to.

No one can give you a definite time frame to sell your home. You should put it up for sale before you plan to move. Putting the home up for sale three to six months before you plan to move gives you leeway. Once you have a serious offer you can begin looking for your new home. You won't have to worry about trying to offload your home quickly. You will get the price you deserve, not the price you must settle for.

11 - Advertise.

This should be your realtor's job. He should have an advertising plan. Find out what it is before you sign a contract. Make sure your home is listed in as many places as possible. A good price won't help sell your home if no one knows it's for sale.

12 - Remove emotion from the sale.

You have fond memories of your home. The buyer will not. They will notice every flaw. They will not care about your reason for selling. They will care about making a deal. Make sure when you look at offers you do so rationally. Don't let emotions rule your sale.

In your mind, have already kissed your house goodbye, and take your wonderful memories with you. This will make the sale easier. In the end, realise that a house is a material thing, and that all such things are transient.