How to Outsell The Sellers

by : Chad Childress

As some of you may know, The road to my personal success was not at all the "fast-track" it would appear to be at first glance. Yes, I am very young in comparison to most of my entrepreneurial counterparts, and yes, I have reached a certain plateau of success and stability that not very many investors get to by this stage in the game. But that does NOT at all mean the pathway was smooth and favorable the entire way. On the contrary, I found myself in many situations where it was my quick adaptability and overall grit that saved my skin. And in that spirit, I want to share with you some of the greatest lessons I learned within the dog-eat-dog realm of Real Estate. So that hopefully, you won't have to make quite as many "down-to-the-wire" close calls as I've had to. Throughout my years of investing and working in the Real Estate industry, I've observed that there are generally three major types of realtor:

First, there are the Producers, or those to whom success seems to come naturally. They ATTRACT it, or perhaps it attracts them. Either way, this is where you and everyone else wants to be. Producers seem to have some secret edge, propelling them that tiny bit over the competition and making all the difference in the end. We'll talk more about this in a few moments.

Next, there are the Performers, or those who get by nicely, and seem to have some measured success, but can't seem to ever really get ahead. They sell an average number of houses, and their overall performance is pretty much level with what's expected of them. The Performer looks on at the Producer, desperately wanting membership in that upper echelon of sales and success, but never knowing quite how to get there.

Finally, there are the Survivors, or those who scrape by on the bare minimum level of sales performance. Survivors do exactly what's necessary to keep them in business, and no more. They live on the edge of utter failure and are constantly being kicked about by the fierce competition around them. Survivors do not generally last long in the Real Estate industry.

Now that we've identified the three major types of realtor, Go ahead and ask yourself, "which one am I?" If you answered anything besides "Producer," you may be in some trouble. If you consider current housing market conditions alone as the driving force behind the Real Estate industry's competitive nature, it stands to reason that only the upper echelon of PRODUCERS will be left standing when the smoke clears. So, let's take a closer look at some of the chief characteristics which make a PRODUCER stand out:

1. They are SELF MOTIVATED -- Producers do not wait to be told by their broker or sales team manager that they need to spend more time training, or scouting neighborhoods. They get up, and they DO IT.

2. They are LEARNERS -- Constant learning is a way of life for the Producer, because the Producer knows better than most that the game is ALWAYS CHANGING.

3. They are DEDICATED -- Producers do not let the first hiccup or bump in the road sway them from their success. They pick themselves up and soldier on to the reward that awaits them.

...I hope this information helps you achieve your goals, no matter what stage of the Real Estate game you may currently be in.

Yours in Success, Chad C. Childress