Make All Your Mailing Lists Double Opt-In

by : John Lynch

Accusations of spam can be so harmful to your business that every effort should be made to prevent it.

However, simply requesting a surfer to enter an e-mail address into an online form on your website is not a guarantee of not being accused of spam.

Here’s what could happen

One of your competitors could visit your website and enter the name of a well-known anti-spammer. When your autoresponder sends out the latest copy of your newsletter or mini-course to this person, he will become very angry.

It is no good protesting your innocence. Since he didn’t ask to subscribe to your newsletter, he will claim that you are spamming him. While you are arguing your case with your Web host, your competitor will be taking your profits!

Here’s how Double Opt-In works

When a subscriber signs up for your newsletter online, he or she receives a confirmation e-mail to which they must respond if they are to be added to your list.

The confirmation usually involves simply clicking a link or hitting the reply-to button.

Taking these precautions can prevent a lot of trouble and ensure that your opt-in subscribers really want your information.

© 2003 John Lynch

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