What It Takes to Be a Successful Real Estate Investing

by : TC and Vickie Bradley

You need 3 things to become a successful real estate investor.

The first thing you need is a "Motivated Seller"

Any and all creative real estate courses hinge on you finding the "Motivated Seller"

The good news for the creative real estate investor is that because of the current "Buyers Market" that we find ourselves in and the "Sub Prime Mortgage Meltdown" finding a Motivated Seller is not a challenge.

Plus, with the internet, it really has given the creative real estate investor an "Unfair Advantage"

Everyone is at our fingertips!

In minutes I can find out how much someone paid for their home, comps and a wealth of information that will empower me to get the very best deal I can.

Which leads me to the second thing you need to become a successul real estate investor.

You need the right specialized knowledge so you know what do do with all of that information that you found on the internet.

Easier said then done.

Most folks go on information overload simply cannot decide "what they want to be when they grow up!"

One week, they are going to be the Short Sale King or Queen and the next week foreclosures are goign to be their ticket until they see one of those rehabber shows on Sat night( Hey I love them too) and then they going into rehabbing!

Remeber this and never forget it.. a confused mind always says no and is always busted, disgusted and can't be trusted.

One real estate deal can change your life but most quit before they get their first deal because they get bogged done on the highway of being a "jack of all trades" and a master of none.

I am here to tell you that you do not need 100 ways to invest in real estate to become super successful, all you need is one!

Stop the madness and pick one way that will work for you and work it!

This leads me to the final thing that is needed to start living life on your terms on not someone elses.

Your going to need committment!

As I said earlier, so many fall short becuase they give up before their first deal.

Hey, I have been there and realize how frustrating that creative real estate investing can be,especially when you first start out but you are going to have to become committed to seeing this thru until you get that first deal done.

I have had students ask me how loing does it take to get your first deal and my response is always the same, "As long as it takes..The better you get the easier this gets"

Who cares if it takes you 7 days 7 weeks or 7 months to get your first deal?

The goal is to get the first deal because then you are no longer "walking by faith" but you know that you know that this thing called Creative Real Estate Investing does work and can allow you to truly live a life of your dreams and a life on your terms and not someone elses.

Committ yourself to doing "Whatever it takes" to get your first deal.

Become committed , I mean truly commited and watch the clouds part and divine providence move on your behalf!