Quality Real Estate Listings=quicker Sales

by : John Groth

Real Estate Listings: Compete with Quality

Introducing your real estate for sale in a well thought out listing is the first introduction your prospective buyer will have for the property. The real estate listing should be complete and the facts contained in the listing should be accurate. The prospective buyer should find the listing easy to understand and tempting enough to make them motivated to learn more and come out to view the property. As technology moves forward with advances in print and the internet getting the attention of buyers can be an easier assignment.

How many times have you read a real estate listing with vital information left out? Basic things like number of bedrooms or the amount of property tax paid. On the other hand others put in such an excessive amount of information, or with nothing by abbreviations that the prospective buyer will just move on to the next listing. You can't go wrong starting with the basics. Numbers of bedrooms, if raw land the zoning, size of the lot and so forth. Detail the properties most attractive selling points like large lot, or remodeled master suite or location. Color pictures always support the written real estate listing.

Your real estate listing should not only be factual but honest. Many prospective buyers invest a lot of time and energy to get out and view properties. They are therefore not likely to appreciate finding that the home they see listed as lakefront property is actually overlooking the lake from a block away and has lake access. There really is a difference. The more inflated the claims, the less likely buyers will be willing to work with a property owner. Since buyers ultimately want to feel good about their purchase, it is better to be honest and show credibility than to be dishonest and run the risk of having no one to sell to. Plus in many areas it's against the law not to disclose all the facts about the property.

Online real estate listings are a great option to marketing a home. Visualization plays an extremely vital role when it comes to marketing a property and the internet is a perfect venue for creating stunning visual portfolios. The number of technological advances, such as the 360 degree camera shot, allows prospective buyers to pan around and see a property from every angle without ever having to leave the comfort of their home. This is a bonus for those who find themselves in need of a residence in an entirely different city or state. Properties with these types of listings are also likely to get a higher number of views as compared to the conventional real estate listing.

Studies have shown in a variety of sales situations, everything being equal, that you'll make the sale sooner and closer to the asking price if a larger number of prospective buyers are motivated to take the next step and view the property. So with a proper balance of facts, technology and good old fashioned sales savvy will go a long way toward selling your property.