Locating Property Information and Records

by : Docedge.com

DocEdge.com simplifies the process of locating and retrieving property records and information of all types. In a matter of seconds, users are quickly connected to the largest and most complete database of recorded property documents or public land records in the nation. Why bother wading through mountains of paperwork when you can access the property information that you need quickly?

DocEdge.com is the single source solution to locating property records of any kind including deeds, parcel maps, and county property records. More than 600 counties are represented in their frequently updated database of more than 3.5 billion current and historical documents.

What type of property information is available? Just about any county recorded document can be found in the system, plus additional data and property reports such as transaction history, legal descriptions, property details, involuntary lien search, comparable sales, tax status, and legal & vesting information.

In addition to providing ready access to property records, DocEdge.com also provides productivity tools to help you work with the information from your web browser. These tools include the capability to view, email, print, zoom, copy portions of the document image, or annotate the document images directly. Plus, DocEdge.com offers advanced search features such as Abstractor Services, Batch Retrieval, and Involuntary Lien Search.

Abstractor Services allows a customized records search and retrieval for certified copies or records not available online. Batch Retrieval features a streamlined search for multiple documents. Involuntary Lien Search retrieves several types of documents including foreclosures, tax liens, mechanic's liens, lien releases, and judgment liens. Moreover, full transaction history on a property is easily accomplished with DocEdge.com transaction history search.

All you need to search for these documents is the owner name, street address, document ID, or assessor parcel number. DocEdge.com provides a comprehensive look at all of the available property records.

This easy-to-use website offers quick access to the property documents that you need and is available 24 hours, 7 days a week. DocEdge.com can be used on any computer with Internet access. Plus, no specialized training is required and no software must be installed. This site offers free technical support and the capability to track all orders.