How to Get Free Tools

by : Stuart Reid

In the world of Internet Marketing many of the top opportunities offer free trials to their programs. They are normally for a months duration, but sometimes you'll get a 14-Day or even 10-Day trial. Trials, by necessity, only occur with subscription-based programs.

Note: You'll also find 'Low-Cost' trials, but since they are usually around $1 they are treated as free for the purpose of this article.

These trials are a win/win deal for both the program owner and the targeted prospect.

The operator will gain new signups into his system, and many of these will stay to become full paying members. Whether this is because they actually chose to, or they forget to cancel, is debatable; but the end result is the same. Sometimes it is an ideal way to boost a flagging system - and that is why you find many `older` opportunities suddenly offering free signups.

The benefits for the prospective enrollee are even better. They get a taste of the program and are able to see what is involved first hand, and whether it is compatible with their existing endeavors. They will also, in most cases, get a range of gifts and services that they can keep whether or not they remain a full paying member. Lastly, they'll discover whether the opportunity lives up to it's promises - something that often happens to late with 'regular' deals!

The other reason to join any trial you see is that it gives you time to promote the program in order to gain enough referrals to make it self-funding - before you yourself have to pay! This is, in my opinion, the BEST reason to join.

Many people are understandably scared that they will not be able to cancel the subscription in time or they will be scammed in some way.

These fears are usually unfounded as nearly all trials use third party payment processors, and you can cancel the payment directly.

The most popular are PaySystems and PayPal. Both offer subscription features with free or low-cost trials for the first payment. With both it is a VERY simple task to cancel the payment.

It is important if you sign up to any program to remind yourself of the first payment date and cancel a few days in advance of this, should you wish to. Ideal reminders include the humble low-tech Post-It Note stuck to your monitor, or perhaps some calendar or alarm software installed on your computer.

Here are some trial offers currently running on the internet. They are all highly professional opportunities with great reputations.


This system is a multiple-income stream generator. You can use it with any number of opportunities, and earn commissions right away. You also get a wide range of bonuses from 'Publishing Company In A Box' to '30 Days to Internet Marketing Success'.

Smart Subscriber

This is a new opportunity that is experiencing great growth. It's a ezine that pays you on two levels. It also personalizes the ezine with around 20 or so Id's of your own. You benefit two-fold: earning commissions from fellow Smart Subscribers and gaining signups into each of the other income streams.

Empire Building Essentials International

EBEI is a complete email promotion center and lead generation tool.

You can buy fresh leads, all opt-in with full data, at just 2c each and insert them into your unlimited autoresponders. You even get professional lead capture pages for top programs and many other tools and resources. EBEI is guaranteed spam-free, and all the services are hosted on bullet-proof servers. You will never lose your autoresponders here!

Responsive Mailer

Blast Your Ad to this New OPT In List within Minutes of joining!

The Responsive Mailer will revolutionize the future of opt in emailing as we know it.... This is one of the First WEB BROWSER Based emailing systems that allows you to send to *Paying Customer List* every single Month. But Hurry, memberships are very limited

There you have it, a number of great reasons to join Trial Offers. The next time you find one in your eMail don't ignore it - Join It!