How to Find a Good Roommate

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There are a lot of people who would love to live by themselves in an apartment. But many times, that is not a choice. Many people, especially students and those who are recently employed, need to share an apartment, since they cannot afford it on their own. Roommates, though, can be annoying if you don't find the right one the first time.

Things to Know When Searching for a Roommate
There are some things to be taken into consideration when searching for a roommate who will share your apartment.

Searching for a roommate can be a problem especially when you're new to an area. In such circumstances, ask around for referrals. A great source of referrals are your co-workers or your fellow classmates. There are some online services available that can help you in searching for a suitable roommate with similar needs and requirements.

Occupation compatibility is important. Decide up front whether you want a professional or a student as your roommate. If you are a student, it's better to select a student as a roommate. This may help you both in studies.

?Bad Habits:
Check to make sure that your potential roommate doesn't have any bad habits such as drug addiction and alcoholism. It is better to seek clarification about these bad habits before accepting him as your roommate. If you are a non-smoker and non-drinker then you'll need to work out upfront ways that his/her habits will not bother you.

?Financial Strength:
Find out whether the potential roommate will have problems paying the rent on a monthly basis. It is better to ask for a credit report if you have any doubts. Offer a copy of your credit report in return.

?Personality and Behavior:
It is important to know about the personality and behavioral habits of your roommate. Because you share some common amenities in the apartment like hall, dining, bathroom, etc, his/her cleanliness is very important in keeping the apartment clean and tidy. Also, it's advantageous to decide early on what chores each will be responsible for.

Make sure that your roommate doesn't have any violent and criminal background in the past. Check with people who know this person to find out if there are any areas of concern and if possible examine his/her records in the college/office for any such incidents in the past, which he/she was involved.

Don't forget to find out what pets(s) they have or whether they are comfortable with yours. Find out are they willing to care for the animal, when you are out of town.

Overall, It's all up to you to figure out what parameters to consider when searching for a roommate. However, the tips stated above should provide some guidelines in choosing a roommate that will make your living situation a happy one.