Sofias Best Property Spot

by : John Adamm

Especially after Bulgaria's joining the EU, Sofia has quickly gained the image of an important commercial and business centre. As a result, there has been a growing interest in investment property in Sofia, with more and more people willing to buy or invest in Sofia real estate.

For those looking for a comfortable home or a unique investment opportunity, however, apartments are the preferred options. The city's suburbs are far from developed - there are serious transportation problems, many areas are still not connected to the sewerage network. Therefore, apartment buildings within Sofia are home-seekers' favorite choice. However, is there a way to combine the comfort, quiet, and relaxation of a more distant location with all the amenities usually found inside the city?

Now there is indeed a way. City of Fountains, a project which is currently being implemented by the real estate investment company Karrat Group Ltd, aims to create a residential complex with excellent location and transport connection, featuring a wide range of amenities, unique design and architecture.

City of Fountains will be conveniently located in close proximity to Business Park Sofia, the capital's largest business and office centre where many company buildings, restaurants, and hypermarkets are located. It is also very close to Vitosha Mountain, Sofia's landmark, usually called 'the city's lungs', and benefits from the mountain's marvelous view and potential as weekend destination. The complex has excellent transport connections to the city centre, soon to include an underground station as part of the project for expansion of the Sofia metro network.

While the good location is more characteristic of traditional residential complexes, the special atmosphere inside City of Fountains is what makes it special and different from all other Sofia apartment complexes. City of Fountains' onsite amenities will provide for all of the day-to-day needs of the modern professional and young family. The retail and leisure facilities will include one of the largest fitness and spa centres, a swimming pool, multi-purpose playground, six restaurants and cafes, an apart-hotel, an on-site kindergarten, and a boutique shopping area with over 37 different shops.

The many amenities and the apartment buildings will be located among numerous green areas to offer great recreation opportunities, alongside with the several fountains, which will add to the comfortable environment and give the complex its unique image.

City of Fountains offers a solution to the successful people looking for an apartment or investment opportunity with long-term perspectives. The unique nature of the complex will ensure that it will be a brand and known spot on the map of Sofia for many years to come, making it an ideal choice as either home, an investment property, or simply a place to come and enjoy a meal, coffee, or one of the many available leisure activities.