Pamporovo, Stoikite, Excellent Property Investment Opportunity

by : ian hunt

Pamporovo and the the village of Stoikite set to benefit first from 500 million euro Perelik investment, now is an excellent time to invest in property in the area.

Pamporovo, located in the most beautiful Rhodoppi mountains in Bulgaria, is set to benifit from a massive 500 million euro investment. But what are the advantages for you as a property investor and those looking for ski property for sale in Bulgaria?

Stoikite house is a premium development within a few hundred yards from a new ski lift joining to the rest of the Pamporovo ski network with over 110 km of ski runs. Currently, prices are around 1000 e per sq m. Compare this to a similar location in France, the price is nearly 10 times higher. France has better infrastructure for sure, but a difference of 10 times is too much for such a pretty mountain village with soon to be provided first class access to a variety of great ski slopes.

Bulgaria's affordability makes it an attractive playground for many families who, given the choice of smaller lower quality holiday accommodation in France or for the same price can holiday in a luxury residence in Stoikite.

What else does Pamporovo and Stoikite have to offer? soon there will be a new cross border road into Greece. It will be very easy to access the Greek coast, making Stoikite and Pamporovo an excellent all year round holiday destination. This makes ski apartments for sale in Pamporovo very attractive. Yes, all year round, this means for property owners, there is rental income in the ski season and in the summer.

Instant returns are possible, however, currently there is no ski lift in Stoikite, the nearest ski lift is 5km away, when the ski lift is constructed prices will rise sharply and demand for properties will be high, this makes the area more attractive than other ski apartments for sale in Bulgaria. Now is your chance to buy at low prices before the herd rush into the area. 2000 e per sq m are prices already achievable for properties near a ski lift in Bulgaria, offering a potential to double your investment in a short period of time.

Airports? the Pamporovo resort is close to Plovdiv airport offering many flights to regional UK airports. Also, there are good links to Sofia and flights every day to the UK and now the first low cost airline, easyjet are now operating flights to Sofia from November, 2007.

Stoikite house offers an excellent investment opportunity, rarely does one find such an attractive investment option.