Commercial Property Management for Profit

by : David Jackson

When a person is involved in apartment building investing, there are several ways to increase their profits. Collecting rent from tenants is profitable, but there are many other ways to create a profit from a commercial real estate property.

There are common ways to increase income from your property, such as forced appreciation, increasing rent and creating other ways to raise the profit margin. This may entail adding laundry facilities to bring in extra profit as well as attracting potential tenants to the property.

Decreasing the vacancy rate always brings more profit, and it can often be accomplished easily through advertising. And, if advertising isn't enough, an offer of a special move-in deal is certain to attract potential tenants. Increasing occupancy will of course bring in more profit as the more units that have a tenant, the more profitable rent funds there are coming in.

The commercial property management can decrease verifiable expense flow in several ways. Things as simple as using low wattage light bulbs, using electric timers for lights in common areas and using motion detectors on lights in hallways are all items that will not hamper the tenant in any way, but will save a substantial amount of money. There are also the options of using regulated thermostats and reducing the hot water temperature to increase profits. These options can make the investment more profitable, but should not impact a tenant's life enough to dissuade them from renewing their lease. In some cases, lowering the hot water temperature is actually preferred by tenants who have small children or an elderly person in their rental unit.

There are also ways to increase cash by increasing rents and decreasing expenses using lower cost financing.

These are all simple, low or no cost ways of creating income from your commercial real estate. But, there are many other ways of generating income that are also low or no cost, such as adding soda machines. These are things that while they generate income also bring more advantages to the tenants. Buildings that are tenant friendly and well kept are ones that keep their rental units filled. Those buildings have tenants who feel their apartment is their home, complete with that make their lives easier.