Become an Internet Marketing "GURU"

by : Virgil Reich

Become one of Internets Marketing Guru’s by using Virgil’s Tips, Tools, and Opportunities.

These tools, Tips, and Opportunities will supply the information necessary to make you wealthy by marketing via the internet.

To market any product or service on the internet you must establish a base of individuals that are interested in your product. To get these people you must build what is called an opt-in list. This is a list of people who have asked you to send them your information.

To build your opt-in list requires certain items you need to make certain everything flows to your product.

  • Get a FREE product to give away
  • Write a small ad about the give away
  • Write a 500 to 1000 word how to article about your product
  • Get your own web-site
  • Acquire a responsible autoresponder
  • Advertise your information on the internet.

1. Free Give Away Product:

Try to find something that no one else is giving away. You will get more response. The internet is loaded with free E-book and newsletters you can give away. The best is your own newsletter.

2. Small Ad:

Before starting your ad you may want to get a better Understanding of internet ad and article writing. Here are two Resourses to review.

The Title should be eye catching. To insure that the ad will be read.

The body should be about 4 lines with no more than 65 characters per line, and should reinforce your title.

3. Write a 500 to 1000 word HOW TO article describing the reasons for and the benefits from purchasing you product. This should be written in a manner to keep them focused on the task at hand.

4. Get a Web-site:

If you already have your own website, that is great. If you do not—you need to acquire one either by building your own or purchasing one that does your marketing for you. Let me suggest you go to this site and have a FREE money making site built for you.

5. Autoresponder:

A reliable autoresponder is the most important item you must have to successfully build your opt-in list and sell your product.

You will also get a free auto responder with your free website memtioned above. Click here to see how the auto responder works.

6. Advertise on the internet:

You are now ready to advertise your free give away to build your opt-in list and sell your product.

  1. Ezines— These are publications by individuals who allow ads to be posted. Post to your short ad to as many ezines as possible. Go to “Google “ search ezine directories;
  2. Announcement lists; These are mailing lists that are dedicated to announcing new ezines on a daily or weekly basis. Go to “Google" Search “ezine announcement list". Post your small ad to as many as possible.
  3. Article Directives: Start submitting the long article you wrote to article directories. This is one of the best forms of advertising on the internet in existence – and its 100% FREE. Go to ‘Google" and search for “Article Directories".

You are about to start building and selling your product. Go to this url to put this all together and start your marketing program..

Virgil Reich