Positivity Pays!

by : Joe Samson

The way you greet and interact with the people who come to view your home - however minimal - could make or break the possibility of an offer. If your prospective buyer is a hesitant or indecisive person, your approach could be critical.

That is because attitude is powerful! Optimism is catching! Have you ever gone out in a great frame of mind, and come back feeling awful? That is probably because you met someone who was inundated with problems, who regaled you with their complaints, who told you that your solutions were 'hopeless' and who completely sucked all your positive energy out of you!

When your prospective buyer comes, you want him to enter your home with an open, positive mind and leave with the same feeling. This is where home staging has something to offer. The art of home staging is to de-clutter your home of your own personal bits and pieces so that your buyer can visualize himself living in your environment.

But home staging is also done to ensure that any negative vibes are removed. For instance dirty dishes left in the sink suggests work. Garbage cans left on show may remind the prospective buyer about trundling out in the cold and rain to set the cans out for pick-up etc. This reminder of working in your house may not help him to feel good about buying it, so let that thought stay in his subconscious!

Another factor which can be formulated in a positive way is the reason why you are moving out of this lovely/easy care/well kept home. Saying something like, "We can't wait to move closer to our daughter now she has a baby' is a much more positive suggestion than saying, "We can't handle the stairs - or the garden - anymore."

Don't give them the feeling that will be worn out in your house running up and down the stairs or doing all that gardening!

Optimism is one of the factors in the Law of Attraction. That Attraction theory states that you get back what you give out. If you are giving out that you are happy and content living in this lovely home, the ambience may be infectious and your buyer will have an intuitive feeling that this place is the right place for him!