Real Estate Investing Clubs

by : Charles W. Moore

Real estate investing clubs, known as reias, are now a reality for the people wanting to bond together for the purpose of real estate investments, just as the investment clubs in stocks. Often, educational seminars are conducted at the club, with national and local speakers providing real estate investing information.

The individuals can search the internet for finding thier local investment clubs. Most of the reias that are available have the intention of allowing the visitors to join the clubs on a regular basis. But, it is recommended that the people gather relevant information about such clubs before making any commitments. Usually, you can attend the first meeting at no cost to check out the club. Make sure you ask what thier fees are for both monthly and yearls dues. This kind of first hand knowledge can be useful, before deciding to join or not.

The process of starting a local reia can be a daunting task. The aspirants have to be well versed with all the regulations regarding the proceedings. The knowledge about handling the day-to-day operations of the clubs has to be properly studied before starting the club. Most clubs are started only after many hours, sometimes weeks of reasearch by the founder or the board of directors.

It has to be ensured that at least one member of the group is adept in the proceedings of laws that govern such clubs. In fact, the members having specialized knowledge about finance, accounting and other such procedures can prove beneficial for the running of the investing clubs.

Most of the reias have regular meetings that take place at least once in a month. These meetings are taken to make the important decisions regarding the group of the clubs. The group that comprises the club, votes for the appointments of the president, the vice president, secretary and the treasurer for presiding over the meetings, and forms the management of the clubs.

Special committees can also be formed for doing tasks of scouting for investments in potential properties. The meetings are sometimes held via the internet if the members are not present in the vicinity.

Newsletters are usually sent to all the members for keeping monthly correspondence about the dates of the events of the club, usually via email. Invitations are given by the reias to professional planners of the real estate industry for sharing their views with the members of the clubs. Other professionals such as: tax planners, finance experts, attorneys, mortgage brokers and the local realtors are also called for sharing their views with the clubs members.